Radiants Floors

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Radiant floor

Benefits of radiants floors

It creates no moving air to heat. It is beneficial for people with allergy problems.

When heated with heating floor, all parts of the rooms are heated, home occupants are more comfortable than in the case of other types of heating where, for example, walls and furniture can be much colder than the rest of the room.


We do not see the heating floor. No architectural constraint.

A hot water heating system is very versatile, so heating sources can be varied. Among these sources, there are geothermal, aerothermal, electricity, natural gas or propane, wood and solar systems. When an economic heating device is used, it is easy enough to use that energy for other applications: heat domestic hot water or a pool for example.

A water radiant floor may be economical if the electronic controls are used to adjust the water temperature according to the heating needs.


What you should know…

radiant floor heating tube red pipe curved circle pattern

The liquid used in the system must be chosen carefully. Ethylene glycol, an antifreeze oil is corrosive and polluting. It is less expensive than propylene glycol, alcohol-based antifreeze, non-toxic and biodegradable. Both types of glycol are also energy efficient. The use of propylene glycol facilitates maintenance and eliminates the risk of soil contamination or waste water in case of leakage.

Glycol represents only 30% of the mixture. The other part, the water should have a neutral pH. We recommend the use of bottled water, but in some cases when installing larger systems, it is possible to use water on site, taking care to neutralize the pH.

Protection of drinking water in your home is paramount. We put ethylene glycol, propylene glycol or even just water, you should take care to install a suitable device or to isolate the system from the drinking water system. The discharge port devices are regularly used on the market, but are allowed by the code in very rare occasions. The reduced pressure devices are accepted by the code for any heating system, but require an annual audit which costs about $200. We recommend if possible to install the gravity system. It is available only for home on a concrete level floor, basement and garage. Completely isolates the heating system of your drinking water system. Limit damage when leaks. The other option is to use a Axiom MF200 filling system. It limits the damage when leaks and facilitates maintenance.